Central Steam Cleaning offers commercial carpet cleaning services to businesses in Stirling and the surrounding areas. Whether it’s busy offices, pubs, restaurants or hotels that need their carpets cleaned and dried quickly, we can provide a low moisture/encapsulation clean. This method can have carpets cleaned and back in use within the hour.

If your commercial carpets have not been cleaning for a long time and have high traffic, we would recommend our deep, steam clean method. The deep clean method results in longer drying times however we can do this out of hours or at a time that is suitable.

Once we have deep cleaned your carpets we would highly recommend a maintenance plan to keep your carpets in tiptop shape. Keeping your carpets maintained will also increase their lifespan. We would clean your commercial carpets using the low moisture/encapsulation method either weekly, monthly or every quarter depending on footfall over the traffic areas.

A restaurant setting that represents commercial carpet cleaning in Stirling
A hotel bedroom for highlight the commercial carpet cleaning services offered in Stirling


1. Improved Health Benefits

Commercial carpets can become full of allergens, dust particles and also bacteria if they are not cleaned by a professional on a regular basis. This can have a serious effect on employees and customers who have health problems such as asthma. Regular professional cleaning will reduce the effect of dirt build up and help your employees and customers health in the long term.


2. Clean Carpets and Facilities Are A Sign of Professionalism and Good Order

Professional companies should never have carpets that are dirty. This looks bad to potential customers. Imagine walking into a restaurant or a company’s reception area and the carpets are unclean? Wouldn’t you think twice about eating there or doing business with a company who can’t even keep their space clean? A clean space is a sign of good order. Clean, well maintained carpets also help employee mood. Think about it. Would you prefer to work in a space that is clean, healthy and well maintained or one that is dirty?


3. Improves Lifespan of Carpets

A commercial carpets lifespan can be increased by having them cleaned by professional carpet cleaners. An unclean carpet results in dirt and dust build up which causes the carpet to become matted. This makes the carpet look old and worn. Hoovering carpers alone can not remove this dirt. Therefore, we would recommend a deep steam clean, followed by low moisture cleans on a regular basis to keep your carpets in tiptop condition.

If you are looking for commercial carpet cleaning services in Stirling, please contact us today to arrange a free consultation.